At Northrop Grumman, It’s All About the Green

At Northrop Grumman, It's All About the Green

Of the “Big 5” U.S. defense contractors who each year bank billions of taxpayer dollars we know about – and probably billions more we don’t – none appreciate the importance of high-profile, high-volume campaign contributions and legislative lobbying more so than Northrop Grumman.  In fact, they even devote one third of their website’s home page slide show to enlisting YOU to lobby for THEM:

If they change the slideshow or you can’t access flash, here are screenshots of the slides I’m referring to:

Yes, Northrop Grumman would certainly love to have all of us 99 percenters dialing for dollars on their behalf.  But even without us, they still have a sizable army of well-heeled lobbyists working the Hill.  In 2010, for example, they deployed a force of 65 that included two revolving-door Senators (John Breaux and Trent Lott) as well as two revolving-door Congressmen (Jack Edwards and Robert Livingston):

All that good-ole boy networking must have been effective, because that year Northrop Grumman was “awarded” over $15.5 billion in new federal contracts despite a record of government overcharges, mischarges, cost overruns, nonconforming parts, hazardous waste permit violations and outright fraud that only Lockheed Martin or the Boeing Company could envy:,73,221,html?ContractorID=42&ranking=3

Northrop Grumman is another textbook example of how the Kleptocracy makes a mockery of the dysfunctional two-party system their paid pundits work hard to keep the Sheeple believing is the essence of democracy.  They don’t care who gets elected,  or which party is in power, so long as fat government contracts keep coming their way.  Almost all of their campaign contributions go to the incumbents, and they generally ride the horse that wins.  In the 2000 through 2006 election cycles, the majority of their contributions went to the red team (ie. Republicans).  In 2008 and 2010, they shifted to the blue side (ie. Democrats).  And so far, it looks like they’ll shift back again in 2012:

But don’t get lost in all the color references.  Northrop Grumman is not about red, or blue, or the red-white-and-blue plastered all over their marketing propaganda.  At Northrop Grumman, it’s all about the green…

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