Web Design Miami Florida on the High Price of Free Email

The Google “Don’t Be Evil” mantra does not apply to their Gmail operations. A web development Miami blogger has exposed five things you probably don’t want to know about Gspam and the high price of free email service:

  1. Google scans all emails coming in or going out of your GMAIL.
    GMAIL reads every email you write and every email written to you. This information is shared with advertisers, government agencies – and only Google knows who else.
  2. GMAIL is the preferred online service of terrorists.
    Who should be calling whom “terrorists” and why they would choose a venue they know the government surveils are debates for another forum, but…
  3. GMAIL is the preferred email service of Indian SEO Spammers.
    Every morning we have to clear our email inboxes of poorly-written spam promising top search rankings if we’ll just send a little money to Mumbai.
  4. Google is now spamming GMAIL inboxes with targeted ads a.k.a. “GSPAM”.
    Unless you’re listed as a Contact by a GMAIL recipient, there’s a very good chance your email will route to Spam rather than their Inbox. In its place they may see a targeted ad from Google.
  5. Google mines your GMAIL Contacts and social network connections.
    Is Google using aggressive GMAIL spam filtering to force you to identify all your Contacts and Connections so they can target more advertising to and through you? And where else does that info go?


Our thanks to Web Design Miami Florida for these revelations.

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