Level Field Lexicon

“When you know the truth, the truth makes you a soldier.”–Gandhi

Negative Public Relations
1984 1% 3.0 400 500 2000 9-11 9/11 99% accountant accountants accounting activism activist activists ad ads advertise advertisement advertising afghanistan aid android anonymity anonymous app application applications apps article articles assassin assassinate assassination assistance attack attorney authoritative authority avenge back bad ban bank banks banksters bpr big bing black blog bloggers blogging blow blower blowers blowing boondoggles bonded bonds borrow borrowers brainwash brainwashed brainwashing brand bush business buy buyer buyers buying campaign capitalism card cards case champion chance character cheat cheated cheater cheaters chemtrails cheney chomsky citizen citizens civil climate community compete competing competition competitive competitor complain compliant confidential conspiracy consumer consumers contest contract contracted contracting contractor contractors conventional corporate corporation corrupt corruption counter countering counterintelligence court courts credentials credit creditor creditors crime criminal crook crooked crooks cruel cruelty customer customers cyberactivism cyberactivists cyberspace data database debt debtor decrease defect defective defender defending defense deprogram deprogramming design designer designers develop developers development dirt dirty disclose disclosed disclosure dispute earn earnings elections empire employ employed employee employer engineering engines equal equality equity espionage ethical ethics evidence expense expenses expose exposé exposed exposing exposure exposé f**k f**cker f**king facebook fair fairness false fault faulty field fight fine fines fire fired firing for forbes foreclose foreclosures forensic fortune freelance fuel global good goods goodwill google gorilla government greed greedy group guerila guerilla guerrila guerrilla guilt guilty h.a.a.r.p. hack hacker hacking hat hire hired hiring home honest honesty honor honorable human humane humanity illegal illegitimate immoral income increase independent industrial inflation influence influential innocent insurance insured intelligence intervene intervention investigative investigator ipad iphone iran iraq journal journalism journalist journalists judge judgment just justice king kleptocracy large law lawsuit lawyer legal legitimate lend lenders level liar liars libel license licensed lie lies linkedin litigation little live loan loans lobbies lobby lobbying lobbyist lobbyists lose losing loss lost lying management manipulate manipulating manipulation market marketing markets media medium middle military mine mining misleading mobile money moral morality mortgage mortgages movie movies negative neoliberalism network networking obama occupy oil online opr organize organization orwell operations opportunity oz pay payback peace penalties penalty people petroleum placement planet play player players playing policies policy political politician politicians politics poor positioning positive post posting postings poverty private procedures process produce producers producing product production professional profit promote promoter promoters promotion promotions proof propaganda protect protectors protest protester protesters prove proven psy-ops psychological psyop psyops public publication publicity publish publisher publishers publishing qualifications qualified quality rank ranking rat rate ratfucking.com rating rats ratting reciprocity relations reporter reporters reporting reputation reputational research retaliation retribution revenue revenues revenge rich right rights sales sales search seditious sell seller selling sem semantic semantics seo share sharing slander small smartphone sme smear smut social specialist spin spies spy spying stealth stocks strategic strategies strategy street strike substantial supplied supplier supplies supply surveil surveillance tactical tactics tap terror trade traders trading trash trick tricks true truth tweet tweets twitter unconventional unethical unfair union unjust untrue v vengeance vengeful veritas vendetta vendor vendors verdict veritasguerillaactivism.com veritasguerillamarketing.com veritasvv.com vguerillaactivism.com vguerillamarketing.com video videos vindicate vindication virtual visible visibility vpublicrelations.com vvvpr.com wage wages wall war waste wealth wealthy web wga wgm whistle whistle-blower whistle-blowers whistle-blowing whistleblower whistleblowers whistleblowing white whitewash whitewashing wikileaks win winning wiretap wiretapping write writer writers writing wrong yahoo youtube zeitgeist

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