Quid Pro Quo

“Authority is not Truth. Truth is Authority.”–Christine Ebersole

Occupy Wall Street: White Hat Guerilla Activism
If you are an activist fighting for the greater good – or a business giving more than lip service to “doing well by doing good” – then you are exactly the kind of client we seek most to serve!

If you or your company, collective, organization, movement or group are described below, then you are entitled to a 50% discount off our standard service rates for your initial project with us, plus a 15% discount off our standard service rates on all subsequent projects.

Please contact us to verify qualification:

  • Occupy Wall Street actions such as those listed at OccupyTogether.org
  • 9/11 Truth groups such as those listed at 911Truth.org
  • Anti-War and Peace Actions such as those listed at AntiWar.com
  • Any and all listed supporters of October2011.org
  • Any business entity primarily engaged in organic foods
  • Any business entity primarily engaged in renewable energy
  • Any business entity that is owned by its employees or workers
  • Any organization advocating an end to the Federal Reserve
  • Any organization advocating Human Rights and/or Social Justice
  • Any organization opposing Internet Censorship and/or Surveillance
  • Any organization opposing the Citizens United v. FEC SCOTUS decision
  • Any organization opposing the National Defense Authorization Act
  • Any organization opposing the USA Patriot Act
  • Any organization supporting Bradley Manning or Julian Assange
  • Any organization supporting Internet Freedom and/or Privacy

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